“We’re learning we’re immortal.” Pat

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“We’re learning we’re immortal.” Pat

“We’re learning we’re immortal. You must tell others.” This was my mother Pat’s message to me and, as instructed, I am passing it on to you. She wasn’t a preacher, she actually said this when she had late-stage Alzheimer’s and had few functioning brain cells left. Following on from this declaration she told me, with a voice of absolute authority, “Death is nothing to be afraid of”.

What a wonderful message! If we all knew this, and I mean really knew this, our lives would be so different. We would be free from the ultimate fear, the fear of death, and would able to live our lives more fully right now. So what stops us? I imagine many of you will, like me, have believed in life after death but had moments of doubt. What do we need to know in order to not just believe, but to know that we are immortal?

Let’s start with my mother. How did she come to know she was immortal? She hadn’t been particularly religious and had had her fair share of troubles in life. What did she do? Well her realization came to her not through anything she did but rather through what she didn’t do. As past and future rolled into the present, the Now, and her sense of self, her ego, diminished, as happens in late-stage Alzheimer’s, it became easier for her just to ‘be’. ‘Being’ is a transcendental state and in this state amazing things can happen.

But these things didn’t happen to my mother in isolation. She needed a witness and trusted companion and I was privileged to fulfill this role. She led the way and I tried to ‘be’ like her: parking my ego to one side while being totally present. In this ‘being’ state we experienced feelings of deep, unconditional love for each other. My mother said simply, “Love is what it is.”

Taking a more rational view you wouldn’t be blamed for asking, “Was this merely the delusion of a woman with Alzheimer’s?” After all, most people assume that the wanderings of the Alzheimer’s mind are delusional. And did I become deluded too? Did we both want to believe in immortality and as a consequence, create it?

Something remarkable happened that convinced me that what I was hearing was the truth. My mother became very psychic, something she had not been before. Over a period of three and a half years on at least eight occasions she read my mind and told me things about myself that I hadn’t told her and of which she had no obvious way of knowing. The information that she gave me, to my amazement, was one hundred per cent correct. That convinced me that she had developed the ability to tap into some other level of consciousness, possibly the Universal Information Field, and access information from there.

I knew the personal information she was giving me was accurate so how could I be selective and not accept the other information. After all, what she was saying about immortality is what mystics and religious teachers have been saying throughout the ages. Further more, my mother had Alzheimer’s and couldn’t remember much, so it seemed to me that this information was coming to her directly from a source of wisdom on a non-physical level.

Moving from believing to knowing has had a profound effect on me and changed how I experience life. Knowing could change your life too. Don’t think about it, ‘be’ it, know it, Now!

Looking forward to you joining me on the next stage of our journey together.

Maggie La Tourelle

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“We’re learning we’re immortal.” Pat — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Maggie. Discovering yourself and this website has been an immense relief.My mum has Alzheimers and over the past few years as she has declined in the physical sense,I have often had experiences of feeling she has been giving me messages to help me on my spiritual journey. It often only happens between myself and her and not my other sisters. Im guessing because my life path has taken me on a different journey to them. Ive trained as a yoga teacher etc. I have been writing a lot over the past years as a form of therapy for myself to help me understand and get some clarity .From this writing it began to emerge that to me that Alzheimers is reflecting the shift in consciousness within the world as a whole and this difficult journey has been to help me to love myself more and reinforce that love (not in romantic sense) is the answer. I have isolated myself a bit during this time ,as quite honestly I thought I was going a bit crazy lol :-)I’m a great beleiver that you find things just at the right moment ,I believe I have found this page for a reason .I haven’t actually read your book yet .I’m just about to start. I have a feeling that I will relate a lot to it and will have had similar experiences. Thank you so much for writing it and I look forward to following your journey as it evolves.
    Love and light Debbie

    • Hello Debbie, Thank you for your comment. Be assured, you are spot on and you have more to discover. Enjoy my book and the journey and get back to me when you have read it. If you would like to receive notices about new blogs signed up on my home page. Love and blessings, Maggie

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