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THE GIFT OF ALZHEIMER’S by Maggie La Tourelle

“You are holding in your hand a perfectly wonderful book … It is a strikingly impactful chronicle that provides us with a window into the deepest aspects of the disease, and how it can actually become a spiritual gift to both the person afflicted and to family caregivers.”

        Neale Donald Walsch author of Conversations with God.

‘La Tourelle has orchestrated nothing short of a clear perspective of the true meaning of life. A superb summer read.’

        Manhattan Book Review Reviewer D. Wayne Dworsky click here

“The only way to truly understand the process or journey Maggie discovered in living with her mother with Alzheimer’s is to read this book slowly and with considerable time for reflection… The beauty of the book is Maggie’s and her mother’s discovery that Alzheimer’s disease may just be a bridge to the other world…This book is so rich in scientific as well and humanistic and holistic information from Maggie La Tourelle that it should become required reading for us all.”

       Grady Harp US reviewer. Very Highly Recommended.

“On the face of it, Alzheimer’s seems to underline the tragedy of the human condition as it descends into fragmentation, disorientation, disintegration and death. How utterly deceiving appearances can be! This extraordinary and trailblazing book, without in the least skimming over the difficulties and tough challenges of the illness, reveals something entirely unexpected in its dimensions – the beauty, courage and invincibility of the human spirit as it consciously occupies higher dimensions whilst simultaneously dealing with its gradual withdrawal from the earthy body and mind.

In this deeply moving book, Maggie La Tourelle charts her journey with her Alzheimer’s – afflicted mother, offering wonderful confirmation the, whilst decline and death are happening at then outer level, the power of love can find an enriched opportunity for expression and transformation through the unique foci of Alzheimer’s and the nothing go the person you knew is truly lost.” 

        Editor Cygnus Review.

“This book takes one to a deep level of understanding that could only come from personal observation. Maggie La Tourelle describes the gradual stripping away of personality by Alzheimer’s, leaving the essential central core, as if one could see into the self and what is beyond. She gives a moving account of this dissolution process and the vital comfort and support that a loving and understanding relationship can give to the Alzheimer’s sufferer.

Particularly interesting are the many features of the illness she describes which echo the NDE (near death experience) and the experiences people report as they approach death, for example the “thinning of the veil”, which removes some barrier to another consciousness that is there in everyday normal life, and the feeling that there are supportive, though unknown, presences always with you. A truly remarkable book which shows great insight and understanding and will be of inestimable help to anyone caring for someone with the disease.”

       Peter Fenwick MB BChir FRCPsych, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

The Gift of Alzheimer’s is so much more than a book about dementia. It is poignant, profound and progressive in its ideas. It is a ‘story of our time ‘ – a daughter’s search to reach and ‘be with’ her mother as her mother faces living with dementia. This is one of those rare books that cannot be put down – rich in the gift of authenticity it offers the reader.

This book will grip you in its three strands. You will be drawn into the real emotional journey of a family. It is a groundbreaking book that will teach you how to learn the language of people living with Alzheimer’s. As a teaching resource it is essential reading for all health-care professionals. It is a book that will also take you along a spiritual path – travelling the final journey we all face into ‘another world’. You will recognise the family members’ differences and roles, and their search for resolution. By focusing on the power of love that binds families together, the book offers all families hope. It is written from the heart.

This book also explores in challenging ways, how religious thinking, Eastern spiritual teachings, kinesiology and NLP may offer new insights into the Other World that people living with dementia at times inhabit. The most powerful element of this book is the way Maggie La Tourelle becomes an expert interpreter, very intuitive to her mother’s metaphors and meaning. If you are a family member seeking to make sense of dementia, buy this book and you will learn so much about how to reach the person inside, and how to bring out the best in someone.     The Gift of Alzheimer’s book will convince you of the need to connect to your emotional core, will move you to reach out to your family and others and will open up the world of dementia like never before.”

David Sheard (Dr), leading international consultant in the field of dementia care. Chief Executive and founder of Dementia Care Matters. Visiting Senior Fellow University of Surrey, UK. External training consultant to The Alzheimer’s Society (UK) for ten years and authored five of their publications.

“This moving and beautiful book will warm the heart and give insight to anyone interested in the mysteries of ageing and caring. Maggie la Tourelle provides an inspiring model of how to accompany someone through these crucial years in which deep and wonderful things are still happening, despite the apparent frailty of the mind and body. I warmly recommend it.”

William Bloom Ph.D., the UK’s leading mind, body and spirit teacher.

“Thank you Maggie so much. You came to me just when I needed you. I was so down, and the information out there is so cynical and confusing. I was looking for something that would help me to understand how to make sense of the strange and sometimes hurtful language of Alzheimer’s. This book “came to me” at exactly the right time. My Mother moved in with me in March, and oh my goodness it’s been hard for both of us to settle to the change. Early days I know, but just when I thought it was all a terrible mistake I found The Gift of Alzheimer’s and this book was exactly what we both needed. Maggie has taught me to really listen and not just “listen”. And by doing that I’ve learnt so much about my mother, myself, our past, present and our futures. Maggie has opened my heart, my mind and my inner psyche. Although Mum has no idea that I’ve read the book, I’m sure she can see a difference in me. She’s settling much better, and we “communite” much better since Maggie has unlocked me. Now, together we are allowing time to pass in each other’s company in a calm, fun, deeply enlightening and nurturing way. I understand now that in her own way Mum is teaching me the lessons I will need for when it’s my turn, and at the same time I’m privileged to watch her as the layers unfold. Without Maggie helping to unlock my mind I don’t think I would have been able to see what was right in front of me all the time. Thank you for sharing your life with us Maggie, you are an amazing woman and a real Mother to everyone who needs your help. I can’t praise this book highly enough, the journey is just starting, I don’t know when it will end, but I’m not frightened and together we’ll dance all the way.”

       Review posted on Amazon by a carer named Flude

“Maggie La Tourelle leads us through both a human and spiritual labyrinth in the language of the heart with her mother, who, though she has Alzheimer’s, is at times intelligent, thoughtful, direct and wise. Her metaphors invoke the reader’s deep involvement. The Gift of Alzheimer’s is a treasure of guidance to help us all understand this frightening illness. And should you ever find yourself dealing with a family member who has Alzheimer’s, you will be deeply grateful for this book. You need only to open The Gift of Alzheimer’s to begin a new, interesting and satisfying education in Alzheimer’s.”

Donna Eden, inspirational speaker, teacher and voice in the field of Energy Medicine.

“Difficult as it may be to fathom, each of us plans a lifetime, including great challenges like Alzheimer’s, before we are born. Why on earth would any soul choose to experience Alzheimer’s or to lose someone to it? In The Gift of Alzheimer’s, Maggie La Tourelle provides answers to that difficult question. Her poignant, heart-opening book is testament to the wisdom of what I believe is her and her family’s courageous pre-birth plan.’

        Robert Schwartz, between-lives regression hypnotist and author of Your Soul’s Gift.

“An experienced therapist, Maggie was able to expertly interpret her mother’s metaphorical and symbolic language, which allowed understanding and a meaningful way of communicating. Maggie’s attention to these subtleties resulted in a great healing of their relationship for both of them. All too often such subtle cues go unnoticed because as a society we have been conditioned into ignoring them … This is a very important book which shares deep wisdom and will be of great help and comfort to others looking after a loved one with Alzheimer’s. It should also be essential reading for all healthcare workers.”

        Dr Penny Sartori, author of The Wisdom Of Near-Death Experiences

“This book makes a profound and original contribution to the field of dementia care. It is a story of the triumph of love over adversity.”

Dr. Andrew Powell, Founding Chair, Spirituality and Psychiatry Special Interest Group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK.

“Through a moving documentation of conversations with her mother, Maggie La Tourelle shows how attentive listening to someone suffering from Alzheimer’s can yield profound spiritual insights.”

Linda Woodhead MBE DD| Professor of Sociology of Religion

“A deeply touching and compassionate book that explores one of life’s greatest challenges.”

 Tim Freke author of The Mystery Experience

“Like all good teachers, Maggie has the ability to make complex processes accessible to those of us who may not be quite as articulate. … using language that is simple, beautiful and honest.”

David Gordon Wilson Ph.D., Teachings of spiritualism, book review

Press Reviews:

National Council for Palliative Care,    “The Gift of Alzheimer’s shines a hugely positive light on a condition popularly viewed as unremittingly bleak. Maggie’s simple but profound advice … will help anyone caring for someone with late-stage Alzheimer’s, professionally or personally, towards a better understanding of and a deeper connection with the person behind the disease.”

Royal College of Psychiatrists, Special Interest Group – Spirituality.’s.%20Heart%20and%20Soul%20Journey.x.pdf  “The Gift of Alzheimer’s would be a useful reflection for any child of a parent diagnosed with dementia. …she (La Tourelle) shows how to express the emotional responses to a parent’s illness in an unconditional positive way. And when reading it makes you cry, remember that is also allowed.”

British Association of Social Workers, Professional Social Work, May 2014 “The book should be a necessary companion for any health and social care student and warrants inclusion on any academic reading list.”

The Modern Registered Manager Journal, August 2013  “… an incredible and remarkable new book. … The words, emotions and feelings conveyed provide one of the most powerful insights into the world of a person with dementia.”

Network Review, Scientific & Medical Network, Winter 2013  “…this book should be read as a testament to the power of love in overcoming disease and dysfunction.”

The Psychotherapist, UKCP, Autumn 2013 “A brave and intimate book. Maggie has told her family story with compassion, sensitivity and respect. … Thank you Maggie for bringing this to the therapeutic world.”

Therapy Today, BACP, October 2013  “… I fully endorse … careful listening and understanding of people with dementia … and for all those involved in Alzheimer’s to be open minded and more conscious of what is happening, aware of the wider possibilities, and know how to respond appropriately.”

Yoga Magazine, May 2014  “Maggie was able to develop strategies to communicate, cope and find love in the experience. She provides …advice that is being welcomed by leading doctors, charities and carers.”

The Lady, August 2013,

The Hampstead & Highgate Express

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