Many Happy Remembrances

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Many Happy Remembrances

In celebration of World Alzheimer’s Month – Remember Me, I am posting a collection of memorable things my mother said. They are mainly her words, not mine. I found them inspiring and I hope you will too. It shows that, far from Alzheimer’s being totally negative, people with the disease can give us hope, comfort and teach us the things that are really important.

‘These are wonderful moments. Remember them and feel them.’

I want you to remember the good times.’

‘I know my thoughts are clear. I am confused when I can’t remember.’

‘There are so many things to remember. They are next door in the next room.’

‘My thoughts, they float by and disappear and I can’t catch them, remember them. They are lovely, just lovely, wild.’

Looking out at the ocean I asked Mum what she was thinking. She said, ‘I see shapes’. She proceeded to lift her very stiff arms above her head and started swaying from side to side, mirroring the undulating waves before us. It showed me that the dancer in her was still alive and well. Movement was the language of her soul.

I remember Mum slowed me down and taught me to be present in the moment.

Be true in the moment Margaret’ Mum told me when I asked her for advice.

On a wheelchair walk Mum and I stopped to look at a pink dog rose and smell its delicate perfume. She taught me to take time to appreciate the simplest things in life.

That’s lovely’ Mum said when I rested my head gently next to hers.

‘It’s difficult living between two worlds.’

We’re all living in other worlds.’

‘We’re learning we’re immortal.’

‘Death is nothing to be afraid of.’

‘I am at peace. I have no worries, no fear.’

‘Love is what it is.’

‘The stillness of deep love, I can’t find words to describe it.’

‘I love everyone.’

‘Love never dies.’

With deep gratitude,


Maggie La Tourelle is the author of The Gift of Alzheimer’s – New Insights into the Potential of Alzheimer’s and its Care, Watkins Publishing, 2015

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