Maggie La Tourelle

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Maggie La Tourelle is a writer, speaker, therapist and educator in the field of holistic healthcare and wellbeing. For thirty years she has been integrating psychotherapy, NLP, kinesiology and energy work.

People say Maggie is the radical voice in Alzheimer’s challenging conventional wisdom. Utilising her professional skills in the very personal and intimate journey with her mother who had Alzheimer’s, she made breakthrough discoveries, some of which have subsequently been affirmed by neuroscientists. Her new book, The Gift of Alzheimer’s, provides an informative and moving account of this journey, and offers a comprehensive guide to help those caring for people with the disease.

Another of her books, Principles of Kinesiology, continues to be a worldwide classic (revised edition, JKP, February 2013).

Maggie maintains a holistic therapy practice in London and has been running professional training courses in holistic healthcare for many years. She has presented papers at international conferences and lectured at some of the UK’s leading universities

She brings to her work a depth and breadth of experience from her life in the diverse fields of community work, education and business and, having originally trained as an art teacher, continues to enjoy designing and making things from greeting cards to home interiors.

She is an honorary member of The Kinesiology Federation (KF), The Kinesiology Association (KA) and The Association for Therapeutic Healers (ASK), a senior member of The British Assoc. for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and a member of the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN).


Maggie La Tourelle is based in London and Findhorn UK See Contact for further information.


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