‘If only I had known …’

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‘If only I had known…’

This is what a tearful woman said to me after a talk I gave about my book, The Gift of Alzheimer’s. (My book is about the journey I took with my mother when she had Alzheimer’s.) Like most people, the woman’s experience of her mother’s Alzheimer’s had been anything but a gift. But as she listened to what I was saying she gained new insights into the disease and came away with a completely different perspective on it. This enabled her to see the potential there can be when you understand what is happening and know what to do and how to do it. Her regret was that she had not known this when her mother was still alive and she felt sad that she had let her mother down.

How often do we look back with regret and wish we had done something differently? When my mother had Alzheimer’s she had a number of flashbacks to difficult times in her life but instead of brushing these under the carpet we addressed them together. I told her, ‘Mum, we all do the best we can at the time otherwise we would have done something different. It is easy in retrospect to judge, but at the time we did the best we could.’ To my amazement she understood this instantly – she relaxed, smiled and moved on. I suggest that as well as telling people with Alzheimer’s this we tell ourselves this when we being judgemental.

Although this woman got some consolation from not judging herself in the way she had done, she nevertheless still had feelings of sadness that the time had passed and that it was too late for her to put things right with her Mum. But was it too late? I believe it wasn’t and will explain why. We can shift our attention to any time and place and experience it as if it is now. After all we do this naturally when we daydream and when we dream in our sleep. So why not do it consciously? I suggested to the woman that she sit quietly, centre herself and tune in to her Mum. In this state and with her attention on her Mum she could talk to her and, knowing what she knows now, be with her in a new way and imagine doing some things differently with her.

I understand that some people might find this suggestion far fetched but there is lots of evidence of people in this world communicating with deceased relatives in the Other World. Just because this phenomenon can’t be explained scientifically doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Before she died my mother had communication with deceased relatives and was interacting with them in a very positive way.

So how might this work? Here is a very brief explanation. The Huna philosophy states, ‘Energy flows where attention goes’. This is how telepathy is thought to work. Our thoughts are energy and if our attention is on a loved one who has passed over they will pick up our thoughts. Some say when we tune into the non-physical world we are tuning into the Universal Information Field (UIF), sometimes called the Akashic Field, where time does not exist and all information including the energy or spirits of our deceased relatives reside.

Now you know how to heal the past and that it is never too late to do this with a loved one who has passed over or yourself, right now.

Looking forward to connecting with you again.

Maggie La Tourelle

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