Alzheimer’s Login to the Field

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Alzheimer’s Login to the Field

“I can ask all my questions… go there and get anything I want.” Mum. Familiar? Yes! But can you do this without the use of an electronic device? My mother could when she had late-stage Alzheimer’s. We login to the world – wide – web to ask our questions and get our answers using electronic devices. My mother logged in to the Universal Information Field (UIF) to ask her questions and get answers without any electronic device. So what is going on?

Altered States-of-Consciousness

When people are in the late-stages of Alzheimer’s their cognitive functions have severely declined and their brain activity, such as it is, has slowed down. Once this happens they start to have intermittent altered states of consciousness. In these altered states their perception is different from ours and they are aware of things outside our normal range. They can, for example, like my mother, demonstrate extra sensory perception (ESP) such as logging in to the Field without the aid of an electronic device.

The Brain and The Mind

Where does this awareness and ESP come from when the brain has all but been destroyed? I am suggesting that it comes from the mind, not the brain. Rupert Sheldrake, Lynne McTaggart and others hypothesise that the mind accesses information from the Universal Information Field. The mind downloads information from the field to the brain where it is processed. In late-stage Alzheimer’s however, because of brain damage, the person’s faculty of speech is often lost making it impossible for them to tell us what they they are experiencing. Fortunately my mother retained some speech so she was able to tell me the questions she had asked and the answers she got when she logged in to the Universal Information Field.

Our Role

What might our role be in this? First we can be aware that at this late stage our loved ones will have intermittent altered states of consciousness in which they may experience things outside our normal range. Knowing this we can acknowledge and validate their experiences – after all they are real to them. If they can talk we can listen with curiosity – we might learn something. If they cannot talk we can be aware of gestures, such as reaching out towards something that is invisible to us, that might indicate they are in an altered state and experiencing something extraordinary. Finally we can thank our loved ones for bring information from the Field to us and teaching us.

Implications for us All

We can gain access to the Universal Information Field and ask our questions without an electronic device or having Alzheimer’s. Dowsing is one way of doing this. When we dowse we ‘park’ the thinking part of our brain and use our mind to access the Field to ask our questions. In Alzheimer’s this is involuntary because the brain in not functioning normally but we are in a position to exercise choice. So I suggest, rather than accessing the internet to ask all our questions, we do what our loved ones do: slow down, stop and become quiet inside and totally present. This will take us into an altered state in which we can use our innate gift, our mind, to login to the Universal Information Field and ask our questions. The question then is, what are we going to ask?

Join me again to continue our exploration of states of consciousness, the Universal Information Field and other mysteries.

Maggie La Tourelle

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Alzheimer’s Login to the Field — 5 Comments

  1. Your writing brings a refreshing approach and a new level of admiration for those afflicted with this condition. Bless you and your important work, dear Maggie.

  2. I have dowsed just the once and found it very useful for researching subjects as it opens up the mind to different perspectives. That is one side effect and the other for only a short period was euphoric.
    I asked my GP as in Doctor if this application was apples would it cure Dementia or Alzheimer’s and he said no , but if applied 10 to 20 years earlier in life it would prevent the occurrence. Most Doctors don’t seem to know, but I suppose when those that have to treat this issue on a more regular basis with a wide base of clients are more in tune with the world of today. Unfortunately in the old school it’s seen as against God and pharmaceuticals won’t make any money from it. That’s a bit like Tesla from then and now.

    • Thank you for your comment and good to hear you have discovered dowsing. Dowsing is an assessment tool which can be use to ask questions about treatment, but it is not a treatment. If you want to learn more about dowsing I suggest you read ‘Dowsing’ by Elizabeth Brown.

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